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Mushrooms Are A Great Crop

They can be grown in small spaces, they're quick to grow & they're high value.

They're also really tasty, highly nutritious, and easy to fall in love with.

But chances are your local area is missing something...

A high quality local mushroom producer.



Low Tech Mushroom Farming Online Course

  • 50+ Video Lessons, plus downloadable guides & equipment lists
  • All stages: planning, building & running your small mushroom farm
  • Ongoing support from us along the way
  • Private Facebook group to connect with other course members & share your progress
  • Lifetime Access: access from anywhere & keep coming back as you experiment & learn

Here's What's Inside The Course

Module 0: Mushrooms 101

4 Video Lessons (30 mins)

These first 4 lessons are an introduction to the wonderful world of mushrooms: how they grow in the wild, how they are normally cultivated & how to grow them the low-tech way.

Module 1: Planning Your Low Tech Mushroom Farm

7 Video Lessons (80 mins)

This module has 5 lessons to help you plan & design your growing setup. We look at some key factors to consider,  get a good understanding about what each space needs and help you to decide what to do in your space.

Module 2: Building Your Low Tech Mushroom Farm

8 Video Lessons (58 mins)

Time to get stuck in and build your farm! In this module we'll show you around our farm and talk you through how to build each part of your set up & which equipment to use.

Module 3: Before You Get Growing

6 Video Lessons (77 mins)

This module looks at some elements to consider before you get stuck into the growing. We take an overview of the growing process and look in depth at different strains, substrates and growing containers.

Module 4: How To Grow Oyster Mushrooms

7 Video Lessons (57 mins)

Everything you need to know to successfully grow Oyster mushrooms on straw, coffee grounds or sawdust. We look at all stages in the growing cycle from inoculation to harvest.

Module 5: How To Grow Shiitake Mushrooms

6 Video Lessons (42 mins)

We show you the easiest way to grow Shiitake mushrooms without the need for sterile techniques. This module looks at which strains to use and an ideal substrate formula, as well as how to care for each stage of the growing cycle.

Module 6: Running Your Low Tech Mushroom Farm

4 Video Lessons (46 mins)

Here we look at some useful tips and routines for the day to day running of your mushroom farm: record keeping, trials, controlling the growing environment & cleaning.

Module 7: Common Problems

10 Video Lessons (38 mins)

Got a problem? Chances are it's covered here in this vault of troubleshooting videos. And if not, then let us know & we'll make a new video and add it for you!

Bonus Lesson: Tips On Selling Your Mushrooms

1 Video Lesson (16 mins)

If you want to sell the mushrooms you've grown, this bonus lesson will help you understand the different outlets you could supply and the pros and cons of each.

Support & Community

On top of the in-depth video lessons, you also get ongoing support via email and the private Facebook group, where you can connect with other members, ask questions & share your progress.

The support that we offer alongside the course is invaluable if you have questions or are unsure about anything, and we're really keen to help you with your project and make it a success.

          The bottom line is this: if you're happy, then so are we.

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What Others Have Said:

Julian Mitchel LifeCykel Mushroom Farm (Australia)

We needed a good body of knowledge and expertise, and we really got that from GroCycle. The support and advice we received was invaluable - it was the base of everything that LifeCykel has been built on."

“I was worried the course would not meet my high expectation for detailed information; that it would leave me with the need to do more research or search out other sources to supplement what was presented....

Boy was I wrong! It is SO well structured and fully informative. The quality is fantastic!”

Emily Goss (US)
Peter Twigg (Australia)

"My big fear about courses are that I will get a few small gems and waste a lot of time when I can usually just search the net.

Let me say I have been absolutely delighted with the content, delivery & community you have brought together. Your website, video content & simple presentation has been excellent.

The interface with FB for questions and the Q&A sessions was very powerful as you both were able to respond live or in writing to our questions which was very personal and helpful."

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